Client Results

Case Study - Lockheed Martin Space Operations

The Company

Lockheed Martin Space Operations provides engineering, science, and information services at NASA centers and other government locations throughout the US. Core competencies include mission operations; flight hardware, payload development, and integration; propulsion testing; engineering and technical support for life sciences; software design, development, and process controls; and space communications and data management services.

The Challenge

The current NASA market presents a significant challenge for contractor organizations to achieve significant business growth. Despite increased competitive pressure, Lockheed Martin Space Operations (LMSO) continues to realize excellent program performance and new contracts. These wins coupled with strong customer relationships remain as critical elements to LMSO’s continued success in this increasingly competitive market place. ASG has worked with the management team to identify strategies to further business growth, improve ROS and maintain EBIT, while creating an environment that focuses on operating excellence.

The Solution

ASG worked with LMSO’s management team to outline a game plan and strategies for continues business growth. The work began with a review and alignment of the corporate strategy with the tactical planning and execution of the company. This alignment, as part of the strategic planning and implementation process, developed a roadmap to ensure effective and efficient deployment of available resources down to the job/task level for each of the operating programs.


ASG’s work with the management team to align the Vision, Mission, Values and Beliefs of the company assisted in the prioritization of goals and objectives for each of the operating programs and business units. Specific tactics were identified that were directly related to the overarching goals of improving business growth, ROS, and EBIT.