Profit Growth by Avoiding and Fixing Problems

Our first goal is to help you avert problems. But when an issue does occur, whether it is equipment, process or people performance related, our processes accurately identify the true cause so the fix can be made quickly and you can get back to business.

We can consult on a single issue; train your employees to apply our processes for long-term sustainability; or use a combination of consulting and training to work with your employees in specific areas while transferring skills to them.

No matter which approach you select, the net result is increased profitability for your company due to fewer problems and precise, long-term solutions when issues do occur.

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How We Help Clients

We help manufacturing/production clients improve the problem-solving and problem-prevention skills of employees throughout the company.  We achieve this by transferring processes and techniques through classroom learning and on-job application.  The skills employees develop are aligned with their specific job responsibilities.    

But we know that learning new skills is rarely enough.  That is why we often develop process coaches within the company who facilitate use of the processes on an ongoing basis.  We also work with the management team to assure the problem-solving and problem-prevention processes are integrated into performance and information systems.  This assures maximum return on the company's investment.  

The result is profit growth by avoiding problems, taking advantage of opportunities and resolving problems without costly trial and error.


For supervisors, It's better to ask, don't tell

In our work developing Process Coaches for our clients, we've seen the power of effective questioning.  In our blog post we cover why it's better for supervisors to become strong questioners, rather than telling employees what to do.

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